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Alma-Tadema Master Study

Master study timelapse: Alma-Tadema

Master copies or studies are basically a study method in which you copy a painting with as much fidelity as possible. Using Photoshop, you can open the original painting side-by-side with your canvas to work on it. I strongly advise against tracing the images or using the color picker; although this can be done when your work is done, to compare both images and see where you could possibly improve. 

I have more posts with Alma-Tadema and Peter Paul Rubens studies.

First part:

I only overlap both pictures when everything is finished, then chose whether I’ll fix the edges and proportions or leave things as they are. I enjoy keeping gifs with those comparisons for later references, though!

alma tadema | in the tepidarium - Anebarone's master study

Bonus: A personal painting timelapse:

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