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Anthro/furry wolf art & streaming

I’ve recently experimented with several rendering stages of a furry wolf or canid drawing – and also immersed myself more in the furry culture and communities like Fur Affinity. One of my objectives with those artworks was to have more commission examples available, specially when it comes to lineart!furry canid or wolf traditional drawings

First I did some studies on real wolves and their basic shapes, eye proportions, anatomy, fur pattern and other interesting things we usually only notice when studying a subject closely. This didn’t stop me from drawing a nose that looks like a mushroom in the main figure above, though.

anthro wolf or canid lineart

Lineart: Mushroom nose gone! Also tweaked the eyes and head shape for something more readable.

anthro wolf or canid simple color commission

Simple gradients: Skipped a flat color design for gradients and a few details. Also, hey, why not blue fur, pecks and freckles? I guarantee that’s 100% a wolf thing.

anthro wolf or canid painting commission

Speedpaint: And, finally, a more detailed digital painting done right above the initial pencil sketch. I’m considering making a final version with fully rendered fur and details – and will post any updates!

Those images are being given as hi-res and .psd files, along with insights on my monthly studies to my Patrons. Below is a streaming recorded from my lineart and gradient wolves. You can also watch me on Twitch.

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