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ASOIAF Fanart – The Eyrie

a song of ice and fire - asoiaf fanart

About A Song of Ice and Fire

ASOIAF is a series of adult epic fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin. It resulted in the HBO TV Series, along with comic book adaptions and games. The story takes place in the continents Westeros and Essos and shows the dispute between several families and banners to control the former continent.

The seat of House Arryn lies in the Giant’s Lance, being guarded by the Gates of the Moon below. This painting has been used in a Café com Game’s podcast about Game of Thrones (which marks the release of the fifth season in HBO!) You can also check a video timelapse with part of the painting process below.

For more ASOIAF fanart, I have this Sansa and Sandor Clegane painting and some misc. ASOIAF drawings with Arya/Gendry/Hot Pie.

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