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Bichos Geeks’ Visual Identity

Bichos Geeks is a gaming website in Brazilian Portuguese with periodical podcasts and reviews. I’ve been tinkering with the idea of launching it since 2015, alongside @emeagate. I’ve always enjoyed games and, after collaborating with a few gaming sites with text and participation in podcasts, me and Emeagate also noticed how our national game journalism lacked more informative, fun and diverse content. With this in mind I started sketching the first ideas for our site, and as I type this Bichos Geeks has already been online for a few months and it has been a blast to work in it!


cabeçalhos e headers

Logos and headers ready to be inserted into covers for all social networks.

cute raccoon and goat mascot

Our mascots, goat and raccoon, appear in headers and ads, and can be animated or assembled into several different poses

Launchment teaser for our gaming pocast

Our Teaser, posted a few days before releasing the whole site, shows a bit of our team’s habits: Raccoon enjoys using controllers (even on PCs!), the goat is usually painting on her Nintendo 3DS and the koala is an avid geek culture consumer.

developing the Bichos Geeks visual identity

Bichos Geeks went through several logos and styles before reaching its final form. Testing color schemes is also fun! ♥

rascunhos e estudos de animais para mascotes de cabra e guaxinim

Raccoons are silent, delicate types (and will wash everything in water if allowed); while goats are energetic, curious and vocal whenever they can. After studying how those cute animals express themselves, I’ve also come up with ideas on how to integrate their expressions + our own personalities into a single image. And thus our virtual ambassadors were born.

testing podcast covers

Podcast covers: I’ve also tested how several formats and compositions would work in different sites. Spoiler: Facebook loves to ruin compositions

Guaxinim e cabra, os mascotes dos bichos geeks

Thank you, and check our project at www.bichosgeeks.com

For any PT-BR speakers, here is a peek at our latest episodes:

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