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Fallout 4 Fanarts

Nora and Nick

These are the female sole survivor (Nora) and Nick Valentine, characters from Bethesda’s Fallout 4. I’ve started Nick’s painting in IbisPaint X, an art app similar to Colors!, which also generates a timelapse of your work that can be uploaded in Youtube.

I’ve also experimented with painting skin using round soft brushes, less saturation and less contrast between colors, which is possibly how I’ll paint new portraits for a while. ♥ Nick is not supposed to have blood vessels in his skin, but I still went with painting some warm undertones in his shadows and translucent parts.

I’ve been playing Fallout 4 for a few months now and enjoyed settlements, combat and some characters, but felt like the decision to have voiced protagonists made it necessary to cut important content from other areas, specially in writing. There are too many radiant quests and you aren’t there to see how your ending decisions impact the world. Survival mode is very entertaining and adds another ayer of the (lacking) roleplay into the game, but I wish its elements could be implemented into all difficulties, much like New Vegas’ Hardcore mode, instead of being a single, separate difficulty mode.

In the end I saw myself using mods to unlock some features I believe were basic to the game, such as having dogmeat (possibly your first companion, a dog) and another companion following you at the same time.


He came back from the diagnostic to two new things: A fallen raider, baton clenched in hand. And half of his face lying a few feet from them.

The detective didn’t wait until the visual sensors captured his partner. The ragged breathing approaching him was familiar. Keeping as much as a straight face as possible – which was easier now -, he sighed:

– Ooph. ‘miss anything?

I’ve uploaded timelapses from both works in my channel:

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