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Misc. Fanarts

popplio rowlett mitten

Getting used to the new starter Pokémon, using colored pencils and a few Photoshop adjustments. I was disappointed that they weren’t the goat/bear/lizard from a fake rumor, but well, they’re still cute! And now I’m completely obsessed with Popplio. He/she will definitely be my starter. I’ve also painted a Pokemon GO fanart.


My boyfriend mentioned how creepy he looked whenever trotting around Skyrim with a DEMONIC ARMOR (the beautiful – but flashy and threatening Daedra armor), and how secretly all NPCs were probably terribly scared of him. Specially whenever he used the “wait” command, in which you can spend hours or even days in the same spot to time-travel to an event in the future without actually having to wait for it.

He didn’t even finish telling the story and I was already working on that silly comic. If you’re into Skyrim fanart, I also have some werewolves.


These are Sniper and Scout from Valve’s Team Fortress 2. In my head, they all have issues wearing anything beyond their combat uniforms.

julian alexander dupont fanart

This is a character by painted-bees called Julian DuPont. Old sketch, but one of my favorite sketches still! At the time I did some research on the character and decided to pair him with the concept of the social, magnanimous birth sign Leo; and the tarot card for Strength:

“Some common keywords for this card are: Self-control, Patience, Compassion, Composure, Stability, Perseverance, Moderation, Kindness, Gentleness, Slowness, Softness, Serenity, Comprehension, Discipline, Inner strength.

The modern interpretation of the card stresses discipline and control. The lion represents the primal or id-like part of the mind, and the woman, the ‘higher’ or more elevated parts of the mind. The card tells the Querent to be wary of base emotions and impulse. (…) In Strength, the battle is mainly internal rather than external.”

Julian is a cool character. Totally check their creator’s artworks!

Irrelevant story time! Years ago this was an entry in some DeviantART sketching contest and I remember throwing a complete tantrum because, although I won, the judges mentioned my art was too refined to be considered a sketch. For some reason the necessity to mention this hurt my feelings and I went bananas, wrote them a gigantic, offended reply. Either a sketch wins, or my entry is out. They promptly removed my entry and enclosed another angry reply. Somehow I’m still glad that I’ve imposed myself at the time, although I have no idea how that single mention made me so jumpy. And this is how I got into my only fight in the art community, ever (so far!)

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