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Over the Garden Wall Fanart

Over the Garden Wall Fanart

The subject of this featured sketch is Over the Garden Wall, an American series created by Patrick McHale (also known for his work in Flapjack and Adventure Time) which features the voices of Elijah Wood, Collin Dean and Melanie Jayne Lynskey for some of the characters. I recommend leaving the music rolling while reading the rest of the post:

Two brothers are lost in the woods and try to return home, finding in each episode new characters and situations in which they end up involved. Gradually we also see the development of three other central figures: The woodcutter that warns about the dangers of the forest, a talking bird named Bethany, and the Beast.

It is hard to talk about this kind of alternative, fresh animation without falling into subjectivity, but I’d say this is a dark, dreamy setting, while still light and full of humor. Over the Garden Wall has only 10 episodes and all of them can be viewed in no more than an hour, easily falling in that category of entertainment that we sit to see or play “just to take a peek,” but end up being there for hours, if necessary, to consume the whole thing. Or am I the only one who does this?

The songs are hauntingly beautiful and well-written. The following video shows all the series tracks, produced by the ethnic and folk band called The Blasting Company.

Over the Garden Wall can be seen in Cartoon Network or Noitosfera, which also has other animations like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Regular Show, Bravest Warriors … Which, in their own way, are also a source of creativity, inspiration and well-thought narrative.

The series also has a comic by Boom! Studios.

You’ve finished OtGW and now you’re craving for more info, spoiler discussion or theories? Good! Go watch this analysis by Virtual Jordan.


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