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Skillshare Art Classes

Do you know any good Skillshare art classes? – Wait, but what even IS Skillshare?

The site offers professional classes that range from art/design/freelancing to fashion and interior design! Classes are usually priced between $10 and $20, and you can use referral links and codes for discounts. It includes a community and dashboard which you can use to share projects and ask for feedback to teachers and other users.

These are some of the classes I’ve enrolled so far:
Class on perspective by Matt Laskowski, aka Fox-Orian on DA
Daniel Gonzales, from Disney, on advanced visual storytelling!
Contract writing for Freelancers, by Margot Harrington.
My referral link: http://skl.sh/1eSyTkb
 Using any of the links above will grant us $10 off in our next classes! ♥
Now Arriving by fox-orian

Matt Laskowski’s perspective skills. He is also known as Fox-Orian, on DeviantART

Get the Skillshare app here:



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