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Encomendas – Português


Use my contact page or the e-mail anebaroneart@gmail.com (my current active profiles are also available for any initial contact.)


  • Standard image formats: 300 dpi .jpg. Paper size for my traditional drawings is A4.
  • If you’re not sure if I can reproduce a certain style, send me refs with what you have in mind.
  • I will send you sketches and WIPs with a watermark. The finished work won’t have a watermark.
  • Let me know in case you don’t want your illustration or name in my portfolio and social profiles.
  • Give credits to Anebarone when making posts or otherwise sharing your art. Links to my site and profiles are appreciated, but not necessary. ♥


  • My commission are meant for personal use only. Commercial use (book illustrations, prints, shirt designs, etc) results in new values and a contract. If you already have  personal commission and have decided to use it commercially, drop me a word.


  • Send me texts and images that describe the character, their hair, clothing, weapons, environment, etc. The more the better.

Shipping the originals

  • They’ll be shipped either in a tube, or taped to a thick paper sheet such as papel paraná (parana paper) or papers with similar thickness.

Price and Revisions

  • If you have a vague idea of what your character looks like and would like me to also research and develop from scratch their design (clothing, settings, weapons, etc – and without any previous reference!), this might result in an additional of 30-50% of the full value. This will be discussed and settled before the work starts.
  • You can ask for TWO major alterations (completely changing a pose that has been agreed before I start the work, or restarting the work altogether) during my sketching stage. If the sketches have been approved and you need a new major revision, I will charge an additional 50% of the full commission price for it (NOT major revisions: Details such as slightly changing an arm, size of an eye, color details, darkening some element, etc.)


Paypal – or bank deposit, in case you live in Brazil.

  • 50% before I start the work, 50% before I send you the finished works;
  • 100% before I start the work


  • If the Client wishes to cancel their commission during the sketch stage they will be refunded 50% of what they paid.
  • If the Client wishes to cancel their commission after the sketching stage, there will be no refund.
  • You’ll receive a full refund if for any unjustifiable reason I’m unable to finish the commission.
  • I won’t handle depictions of body horror and hateful images (sexual violence, racism, sexism, homophobia.) I reserve the right to reject any commission for any reason.