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Fanart – Sansa and Sandor

Sansa and Sandor – “There’s a pretty for you!”

Sansa Stark and Sandor Clegane, the Hound. A 2011 scene vaguely inspired by one of their encounters in Game of Thrones, the first A Song of Ice and Fire book.

I’ve also painted some ASoIaF landscapes and misc. drawings with Arya/Gendry/Hot Pie.

sansan - sansa and sandor clegane/the hound - a song of ice and fire

Slight spoilers about the first book and Game of Throne’s first season: Their interactions can get pretty tense in the books, but they’ve been a bit “softened” (and almost romanticized, maybe?) in the series. I see them as a beauty and the beast trope and am super amazed to see the sheer amount of fanfiction and fanart the internet is creating with them. I believe this is known as SanSan fanart. I can imagine how amused both Sandor and Sansa would be if they knew about their fandom.

Game of Thrones screencap studies with sansa, clegane, cersei, cat, jon, bran and rob

Screencap Studies while watching Game of Thrones!

Observation about the HBO series: Cersei (Lena Headey) can look disgusted, happy, thoughtful and constipated in a single expression and I find this absolutely mindblowing.

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