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Patreon’s Rewards | May

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♦ Also please take a moment to read my info and tiers ♦

Themes studied in April/May

A quick torso study, samurai and their armors, martial art poses, life-drawing, experimenting with furries (digital painting) + 2 hi-res characters from a personal project (Sun Emperor and Silver Guardian.)

The rewards

◘  $1+ Thank you for your support! You’ll get the regular-sized images from the month (those can be found in my site and other social media already, but here they’ll be neatly packed in a folder!) Don’t forget you can:

  • Suggest and vote in new themes for studies;
  • Have access to the patron-only feed;

◘ $ 5 + Monthly sketch draw winner: My lone Elite Beast, Marcos! 😀
.psd from the anthro wolf character and high resolution images from the rest of the studies.
◘ $ 10 + A nice written file with more insight on everything I studied during the month.  ☺

Delivering the goodies

The material is sent to your email as a google drive link, usually between the 10-15th day of the month! So far you’ll have access to the folders for as long as you are contributing, but this might change in the future (in this case, you’d just need to download and store locally each month’s rewards. So far this isn’t necessary, though!)

*If you want to support by other means, I’m also offering personal art commissions and art prints in Society6 and Colab55.

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